What people have to say about The Muddy Fork Band

themuddyforkband-06I have been a fan of The Muddy Fork Band from the day they were formed. In fact, I was in the bar when they formed the band; I was working there at the time. I have known the guys for decades and pretty much every time they play, I am there to see them, listen to their great music and forget about my troubles. And that is why I love The Muddy Fork Band and their music. It makes me feel great no matter how I actually feel. And it does not matter if they are playing their slower songs that are not that cheerful in nature, I still feel transported to another world where my problems do not matter and it is great.

Jack, Tucson, AR


I was in Tucson in 1996 and there was this local band playing, called The Muddy Fork Band. I was there by accident, visiting a friend of mine who has been to a few of their gigs. He told me that I had to hear these guys play and man, am I glad that I did. It was a small gig, maybe 50 people in the audience, some of them not even listening to the music. I was blown away. These guys were playing better than anyone I had heard playing live in years. It was obvious they loved their music and that they love playing it to the people. I later talked to them and I could not believe how cool these guys were, like ‘yeah, we know we are great and no one has heard of us, really, but we don’t mind.’ It was an incredible experience.

Tom Petty


I had the chance to meet the guys from The Muddy Fork Band sometime in the late 1990s. It was a festival or another in Arizona and I was there as a fan of the music, not as a musician. It was a great little festival in general, but when these guys walked on the stage, something incredible happened. The first tone silenced the crowd. Most of them probably did not hear The Muddy Fork Band before and they were amazed at how these guys played. They played their own songs that were amazing. Such lyricism, such great tunes and that enthusiasm for playing the old American music. I was blown away as was everyone else there.

Marc Ribot


themuddyforkband-05When I left the band, or more precisely when I did not return to the band after the hiatus we went on, I knew that I would always stay the fan. And Johnny truly was the thing The Muddy Fork Band needed to make it big. When they reformed, this time with a “proper” bassist, they really started making the music they (we?) should have been making from the start, music that moves the body and not just the soul, music that will make you forget about your troubles and just enjoy life.

Fred Bones (ex-bassist and founding member of The Muddy Fork Band)

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The Muddy Fork Band’s best albums

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The Muddy Fork Band – history

The Muddy Fork Band is one of America’s best kept secrets, a band that has never truly made it big but that has been working diligently for decades in bringing the real American music to the fans and to the people who become fans after hearing only a few [...] Continue Reading…